Merrithew SPX® Max Reformer with Vertical Stand & Tall Box Bundle

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The latest space saving innovation from Merrithew, this professional-use Pilates Reformer allows you to make the most of limited space without sacrificing performance! Fully-loaded with all the commercial features, the SPX® Max with Vertical Stand stores upright and is perfect for your small studio, gym or fitness facility where space is a premium. Built with superior craftsmanship, this Reformer can accommodate a range of exercise-expanding accessories like the Vertical Frame or Cardio-Tramp®. This specially-priced bundle includes a Tall Reformer Box for optimal exercise execution!

This equipment has a patented retractable rope system with recoiling rope reels for easy adjustments. The longer the ropes added it will increase the range of motion and fluidity to exercises – allowing for more programming options. The carriage glides over a sleek C-channel aluminium rails, using a patented rolling mechanism for a smooth, friction-free ride. Besides that an enhanced springs are built to withstand vigorous use with Jumpboards, Cardio-Tramp® Rebounders and other Reformer accessories and secure quickly and safely.

With a new comfort footbar, it makes it easier for you who has sensitive feet and hands. The easy-roll wheels make it a breeze as well to move or reposition. This equipment only required minimal assembly.

Now with Tall Box

Expand your programming options further with the Reformer Tall box! The extra 4 in (10 cm) height ensures you have the necessary floor clearance to perform the complete Pilates Reformer repertoire on your SPX Max Reformer! For everything from lying prone for arms pulling straps to four-point kneeling for feet pulling straps, the Tall Box adds versatility while accommodating more clients.

Deluxe grommet mats includes

  • Tall Reformer Box with foot-strap
  • Padded Platform Extender
  • Maple Roll-Up Pole
  • High Precision Springs Package – 5 Reformer Springs (3 × 100%, 1 × 50%, 1 × 25%)
  • 5 neoprene spring covers for noise reduction
  • Soft Reformer loops
  • Patented Retractable Rope System – makes changing rope lengths a breeze!
  • Carriage Stopper
  • Easy-roll wheels on both ends of the Reformer
  • Essential Reformer, 3rd Edition DVD
  • 10 standard and 75 custom upholstery colour choices. Please specify your selection upon checkout.
  • Owner’s manual available

All the bells and whistles: Your SPX Max with Vertical Stand comes complete with

  • Enhanced springs to withstand continuous, high-intensity use
  • Durable vinyl upholstery available in 10 standard colors at no additional cost
  • Sleek aluminum rails and neoprene spring covers ensure a quiet ride
  • Customizable user settings with 3 Gearbar, 6 carriage-stopping, 3 headrest and 4 footbar positions
  • Retractable rope system for easy adjustments

Bundle also includes:

  • Tall Reformer Box with footstrap
  • Padded Platform Extender
  • Maple Roll-Up Pole
  • Essential Reformer Professional Series DVD
    • Prices are inclusive of delivery & installation.
    • Additional charges will apply based on the difficulty of access. We will call you after your purchase to determine the additional charges.
    • This is a standard bundle. Should you require any customisation, kindly click the “Ask Us” button and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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Carriage Dimensions (W x L x Height from floor): 56cm x 98cm x 23cm

Reformer Dimensions (W x L): 56cm x 248cm

Reformer Weight: 58kg

Weight Capacity: 159kg

Material: high-intensity studio use with durable vinyl upholstery and dense EVA foam


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