Here is why Pilates should be at the top of your 2023 fitness resolutions

With the new year comes our aspirations to become fitter and stronger. This is why many of us like to incorporate fitness goals into our new year’s resolutions. From celebrities like David Beckham and Kate Hudson to sports professionals like Cristiano Ronaldo, it is a never-ending list of people who rely on Pilates to work on their flexibility and improve muscle strength. Regardless of age, gender or fitness level, there are numerous ways in which you can also benefit from incorporating Pilates into your workout routine.

When you think of Pilates, there is so much more than what meets the eye. It can help you with injury prevention and recovery, enhance core strength, improve stability and peripheral mobility among the active aging population, reduce stress, and strengthen the entire body among prenatal women.

Student doing At Home Matwork exercise

“Pilates is often marketed as a way to create a long and lean body but honestly much of what makes you long and lean is your diet. What Pilates is vital for, and why you want to make it a priority in your training regimen, is building a strong physical foundation,” says Master Instructor Trainer, PJ O’Clair.

Increases strength and flexibility

It is no wonder that Pilates is one of the most effective ways to increase muscle strength and flexibility. Pilates is all about mindful movement and being in total control of your body. It improves functional strength, thereby improving the way you move in your everyday life.

Adding to this, PJ O’Clair says, “Think about it if your core or foundation is weak how will you be able to live up to the tasks of daily life or participate in the sports you love. I tell my clients “go local before global” which means lets first address the local stabilizing muscles closest to the joint axis of motion then move on to the larger global muscles.”

Student using MPX Reformer

Improves your posture

Your compromised posture could be a result of weak muscles and shoulder or back pain. Pilates focuses on the ideal movement of muscles and joints to bring awareness to your muscles. Regular Pilates practice can strengthen the neglected postural muscles and gain back control which will help you sit upright.

“With that formula, you will be able to move from a place of integrity and with poise or grace. Another fun saying of mine is- If it isn’t pretty, it isn’t Pilates” says PJ O’Clair.

Promotes body awareness

Pilates makes it easier for you to listen to your body and exercise while ensuring mind-body sync. Pilates is based on the principles of mindfully moving.

I believe everyone should learn Pilates at a young age. Pilates teaches how to use the breath to optimize and control movement and promotes self-awareness. Much like yoga or martial arts, it’s a discipline which involves practice but, it’s worth every minute and can be done at any age and level of experience.

– PJ O’Clair, Merrithew® Master Instructor Trainer

Student on V2 Max Reformer

Simple yet effective

If you have never worked out before, getting started with a fitness resolution can be challenging and intimidating. Pilates can help you ease into a routine. Although Reformer workouts are one of the best ways to tone your body, many Pilates workouts only require a mat. You can start with mat Pilates first and move to Reformer workouts once you feel more confident.

Ready to kickstart your 2023 fitness resolution journey?

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