ATX Monster Full Functional Gym ATX-MFR-720 – Backorder


To describe in words hardly these multi station offers an almost inexhaustible variety of training u. Exercise variations.
All the key data we have following summarized in the table for you.
Far more exercise / applications, however, it is still possible.

Power rack, Functional Trainer, Functional fitness-area, multi-press, multi Zugapparat, Cable Cross, etc.

Thus, the Monster full-functional gym at the time most complete and most perfect piece of equipment is well at all –
whether personal training – Functional Fitness – Studio or for the ambitious strength training at home, this unique multi-station meets all requirements.

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    • Additional charges will apply based on the difficulty of access. We will call you after your purchase to determine the additional charges.

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Dimensions ( W x H x D): 205cm x 230cm x 140cm

Unit Weight: 450kg

Colour: Black Latin Finish

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