Sci-Fit SXT7000E Elliptical


This whole body cross trainer provides a natural total body movement that creates a true-to-life walking cadence. It is an easy entry package that includes medical handrails and step-up platform. The Sci-Fit SXT700E Elliptical has a Bio-Flex™ footbeds to help improve foot and ankle circulation and also the pedal movement simulated uneven surface to recruit stabilising muscles.

It also helps to optimized torso rotation and core muscle recruitment for a weight-bearing total body workout. With it being bi-directional exercise equipment and is only 50% lower step-up height, it is safe and is an easy entry for progression to weight-bearing elliptical motion.

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    • Additional charges will apply based on the difficulty of access. We will call you after your purchase to determine the additional charges.

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Dimension (L x W x H): 152.4cm x 81.28cm x 160.02cm

Unit Weight: 124.7kg

Max User Weight Capacity: 192.7kg

Colour – 

Frame: Charcoal

Cover: Charcoal



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