Aqua Training Bag 18” Aqua Heavy Bag Black Eye 120 lbs


18-inch Punching Bag Provides an All-Encompassing Workout.

The 18-inch Punching Bag’s unique teardrop shape teamed up with the water filling and the commercial-grade, the vinyl shell provides a sensation similar to hitting a human body, seriously. The composition makes it much safer on your joints as it absorbs your punches, giving you the ability to hit harder and train longer. This punching bag was designed to take anything you throw at it. Are you up for the challenge?

The 18″ Aqua Punching Bag is safe for all levels; beginners and pros. It is a stellar option for both fighters in training and those who are looking to add to their fitness arsenal. Boxing is a primo option for full-body sweat sessions! Not to mention how fun and de-stressing it can be. The Aqua Punching Bag is a better option for both of these areas as they provide a much more comfortable hit than a traditional heavy bag, without taking anything away from your workout. In fact, it adds a positive resistance while absorbing your hits and kicks. You can hit stronger and longer. Make no mistake though, you will still need boxing gloves! Bare knuckles are definitely not recommended.

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AP120B Categories: ,

Filled Weight: 54.4kg

Shipping Weight: 5.4kg

Shipping Dimensions: 30″ x 15″ x 11″

UV Resistant: Yes

Waterproof: Yes

Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes in Rain or Shine

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